Friday, August 6, 2010

holler for a... blogger?

I’ve entered that blogging slump again, in where it has been (insert shameful amount of time) since I’ve written anything. I love writing and always wish I could (would) do more of it. I can. So why don’t I?

My biggest hang-up is myself; typically I say ‘self, you don’t have anything interesting to write about’. But that can’t possibly be true. In the month of July alone I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan and visit Jef, as well as to visit Seattle and be in the wedding of one of my dearest and oldest friends Kara. That’s plenty blog-worthy!

Or what about the news? With Proposition 8 being overturned (hollaaaa'), I’ve got plenty of opinions to write out. And that’s just one example.

Additionally, I live in Boston. For anyone who has lived/visited here knows there are plenty of shenanigans occurring on a daily basis. Encounters with DJ Night Train or the Comm Ave Runner are just two examples. Riding the T everyday typically provides an outlet for some story of hilarity/annoyance/astonishment.

And look, I have 15 followers! When did that happen? Thanks for subscribing to my blog; sorry I’ve been such a boring blogger. I’ll be better! More coming this weekend.

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