Wednesday, May 12, 2010

writers block

I absolutely love writing. It was the reason I first started blogging nearly 5 years ago on MySpace. You may have heard of MySpace once upon a time.

I used to blog about my school adventures, my overseas adventures, my grad school woes... In grad school my blog was my therapy, Lord knows I couldn't afford real therapy, it is the student curse to be perpetually broke. And therapy was needed - I wrote so much in the way of papers, presentations and dissertations that I needed an outlet.

Anyway, I'm digressing. Not that I had a point, really. But I'm frustrated over lack of topics to write about. I can't think of anything to write that is interesting, or not too personal, or that forms into clear thoughts. So if you have a suggestion, I'm open to it.

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  1. A "few" comments on this bad boy. While I am never (usually) at a loss for words / I am ALWAYS when it comes to figuring out what to write about on da blog. I usually find I have more to write about when sht is hitting the fan (therapy) / but what I do for the feel good stuff is start drafts and either eventually I pull it together OR eventually I don't. I shared this at the National Meeting which I have been meaning to jump into: I know it's 2007 / it might as well be 1997 BUT it has great outlines to think about. Also / check out: and

    Is there a character limit on this comment. Dang.