Friday, April 16, 2010

epic fail to epic success

Ah, I feel like I’m back to the days of yore. I sit here at my computer, Friday night, with an open bottle wine and a proverbial pen (aka my laptop keyboard) ready to attack the world of writing (blogging). I really couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m obviously working on mine now, via this blog, but I have a separate blog with my dear friend Alina that we plan to launch at some point (about our travel adventures, including past, present and future). I also plan to assist my friend and colleague Danni in the formatting of hers as jCg and I try to force her into the blogosphere. She's trying to resist social media as possible. But she's moving to Australia, what a better time to get started?

I’m just as happy as a clam, I couldn’t really plan a better night for myself. Alina and I are chatting via Skype and writing and drinking wine together. It’s practically a virtual date. No wonder I’m single!

But this night was a long time coming. The day started out fairly well. I did have to rally a bit and pull myself out of my exhaustion and get stuff DONE. But done I managed, even if I don't ever care to hear the words au pair disco cruise again. A story for another day, perhaps.

The end of the day was a bit challenging. Had a scuffle with a coworker, a doctor's appointment in which she didn't offer much about my exhaustion except to poke my spleen (I guess a swollen spleen is an indication of mono) and look at my blood work from 2008 that was normal. She recommended I get lots of sleep this weekend (I didn't need a doctor's order to do that) and see how I felt after I 'caught up'. If I am still feeling the same, she wanted me to make another appointment so that we can dig a bit deeper. Meh. One week at a time.

To top things off, of course, I got home only to realize I didn't have my keys, which I was just sure I'd brought with me. After a train ride back to downtown Boston to meet my roomie and get her keys and the train ride back, I am finally home.

As a sidebar, the train ride home was a bit irritating as there was this young couple (mid-20s) in which the guy was being extremely verbally abusive to his (I would assume) girlfriend. His voice volume was such that his comments did not remain private. He said things to her such as 'why are you so stupid' and 'what the hell is the matter with you' and 'why don't you actually think for once'. Horrified doesn't quite describe my feelings towards this behavior. I've experience similar verbal abuse by a boyfriend in the past and there is no reason, under any circumstance, that one person should ever treat another that way, particularly someone they likely claim they care about. I was very close to saying something in her defense... she looked so sad, miserable and embarrassed. But I bit my tongue only because I knew it wouldn't do any good in that moment and would likely cause more problems for her later. Hopefully she finds the courage to stand up for herself and ditch the jerk.

Anyway, I finally got off the train and got home. Here, the day turns to epic success. I got into the house, opened the bottle of wine I'd been waiting all day to drink and even found my keys! I'd feared they were lost as I was sure I'd brought them with me. Turns out I didn't, and that's fine. At least they were found. The day has turned around and I'm on my way to success.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

webmd self-diagnosis... slippery slope

Tuesday morning I slept through my alarm. Not the 'oh I heard it and hit snooze and never woke up again' type of slept-through - full on didn't hear it, didn't remember it, nada, zilch, case closed, no one's home. And yes I checked to make sure I'd set it correctly.

It's funny because I was having a dream that morning in which I woke up and it was 10:50am and I was like 'crap, why didn't Meg [my buddy and commuting pal] call me?' and I checked my phone and she had. I'd slept through that too. All this in the dream.

Well I wake up and realizing my experience was a dream, feel a sense of relief until I look at the clock and it's 7:40am. I typically get up about 6:45am (or 7 as snooze allows), but I have to leave at 8am. Strange how I dreamt of being late and turns out I was, it seemed to be my body's way of getting me up. I did make it out the door on time that morning, though I was a bit frazzled for the remainder of the day.

I suppose sleeping through an alarm isn't something to write (blog?) home about. But I can literally count on one hand the times I've slept through an alarm. Actually a particular memory comes to mind in which I almost missed a flight from London to home, but that's another story.

Anyway, I've been feeling quite exhausted these last two weeks, regardless of the sleep I get. I'm having trouble focusing and doing the basic day-to-day functions and responsibilities I need to do to take care of my life. As feeling this way isn't my normal mode of operations, I decided to take my troubles to webmd and see what I could learn about exhaustion.

Well of course a whole slew of potential 'problems' came up - turns out I'm a depressed, anemic, diabetic, post-menopausal pregnant woman with mono.

It's a good thing I'm not a hypochondriac (as a friend kindly pointed out) because I'd be a hot mess with all the things I can find potentially wrong with me. Some I can rule out (depression, post-menopausal and pregnancy are out) but the others, I suppose any are possible, or none at all. But webmd is a bit like wikipedia in which you click from article to article, link to link, and before you know it, you've submerged yourself for hours and have convinced yourself you have somehow mysteriously contracted polio and must go to the hospital immediately or else parish forever.

Obviously I exaggerate. But while webmd is a helpful resource, it can also be a slippery, slippery slope. I think I'll just wait to talk to my doctor tomorrow.

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter weekend part 2

Here are the pictures... I'm too lazy to post them twice, so if for whatever reason you happen to read my blog (who are you, I wonder?) but aren't on FB, you can still view them. I know you were waiting anxiously after my last blog.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter weekend part 1

What a great weekend to live in Boston. There is nothing so spectacular as two 70-degree spring days after a long winter and enough rain the month of March to turn New England into a swamp land and make us question whether we should start building an ark and gathering the animals two by two.

Growing up in Nevada, I would say we appreciated those first nice spring days, where everyone would comment 'oh what a lovely day!'. But it doesn't compare at all to the way it feels spending a winter in Boston, or any other similar location that has a long and dreadful winter. I have never been so grateful for anything in my entire life than days in which I needed to wear my sunglasses, didn't have to bring a coat, could go running in shorts and a tank-top, or could stroll around in flip flops. The first nice days of spring here in the North East are TRULY soul-lifting. And you can see everyone feels it. They come out in DROVES and lay on every patch of grass available, run, bike, rollerblade, walk dogs, eat ice cream... it makes me wonder where all these people were hiding for the last 6 months. Probably where I was - lazily hanging out on the couch longing for warm days, or on braver occasions at the local bar, as it wasn't too likely you'd freeze to death walking 5 minutes down the road.

The original intent of this blog was to tell my weekend through pictures - Saturday involved a trip to the aquarium which I've been meaning to do FOREVER. We also watched the first of the Final 4 games (Butler vs. Michigan St) and though I'm not into basketball, it was a fun game to watch. Sunday was particularly awesome and really a full-day event, the one mostly captured in photos. But now I'm thinking it will have to wait until tomorrow.

But it was a great weekend and makes me grateful, once again, to be living in Boston.

Happy Easter!