Saturday, February 6, 2010

as lenny kravitz said, where are we running?

A copy of an email I sent out, join us won't you?

Hello family & friends of Alina and/or Misha,

Let us start of by saying that while we are in complete empathy of the endless emails you must receive both personally and professionally, we hope that you will take a moment to read this one thoroughly. If you're receiving this email it is because you are (or we hope you are, otherwise we may need to have a different sort of conversation) friends with Alina and/or Misha. You may not know both women, but stand assured that they are both pretty awesome. In their continued pursuit of awesomeness, they have decided to take their first official steps towards one of their New Year's resolutions - to run in an official road race.

Now of course not wanting to be so overly ambitions as to burn themselves out, they have opted to set their sights first on the lesser-elusive 5K. Upon further brainstorming and a bit of debate between Alina and Misha as to when the aforementioned 5K should take place (we'll purposefully neglect to mention who was petitioning for something in the early spring and who was rather hopeful of a late summer run), it was determined that June would be a good month. Once June was decided upon, a 5K was discovered on the 6th of June and selected based on a few different criteria:

· It is for a good cause (details to follow).
· June 6 is near to Misha's birthday - what a way to celebrate!
· The run is along the Boston Esplanade – a beautiful site if there ever was one!
· Did we mention it was for a good cause?
· A great time of year to get friends together for a weekend – a night out, a BBQ, and a run, all in one!
· Oh and hey, it’s for a good cause.

Now, we’re certain by this point you’re most curious as to the cause. We have decided to participate with over 15,000 other people in the AIDS Walk Boston and the Larry Kessler 5K Run. Perhaps it would be more significant to ask if you were aware that in the United States someone is infected with HIV every 9 1/2 minutes? Or that every half hour someone in the U.S. dies due to HIV/AIDS?

We were not aware. But the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts (AAC), New England's oldest and largest AIDS service organization, is aware. The AAC exists to provide vital programs and services that fight HIV/AIDS in the community and therefore hosts this 5K event.

What originally started as a 5K goal between two friends in need of fitness motivation has turned into something larger. We would like to invite you to participate with us, not only in achieving our own personal goal of completing a 5K, but making a difference, however large or small, in our community.

We have formed a team, A Run In My Stocking (Alina’s brilliant brainchild), and would love for you to join us! We understand that everyone included on this email will not be able to do so in person, primarily due to limitations of geography though other reasons also understandably withstanding, but hope that you will participate in anyway you can, whether it be supporting us physically, emotionally or morally.

You can join our team by registering at and searching for our team. If by some chance you've already registered for the Walk, you can call 617-424-WALK to be added to our team. Even those who can't make it on June 6th have the option of being a "virtual walker" who will be there in spirit!

We have set a fundraising goal for the team of $1000 – with that amount of money, we could provide 10 HIV Rapid Tests to help stop the spread of the disease, five counseling sessions for HIV+ clients seeking help, and emergency assistance to help keep an HIV+ individual from becoming homeless.

However, the most important thing for us is to have your support and would love to see you on June 6th. If you are not located in the Boston area but would like to come, please let Misha know and she can keep a list – we will certainly provide housing for you! No runner will be left behind! (except, perhaps, Alina’s boyfriend Gonzo who is already bragging about winning the road race – he’ll be fine sleeping outside).

We also understand that everyone is of a different level – some of you may scoff at the idea of a 5K, either because you consider it a warm-up jog (we envy you) or you rather feel that the idea of running out of one’s own volition a type of foolish suffering (we’re sort of right there with you), but we ask that you join us anyway! Come and run (or walk, whatever suits your fancy), spend the day with us (did we mention it’s near Misha’s birthday?) and enjoy a day out in beautiful Boston. You certainly won’t be disappointed and we would be honored to share in our awesomeness with you.

We have created a Facebook page as well where you can join up to participate, support, and/or heckle us, regardless of whether you can run with us. You can find that page here:!/group.php?gid=318052355559&ref=ts

If you’ve made it this far, we thank you for reading and look forward to your motivation and support.


Alina May & Misha May