Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You know how there are those songs you hear and they just make you feel so happy and all day, you can't stop singing it? Today, this was my song. Love it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

talk it out

Ever have those days where you have to give yourself a serious pep talk in order to pull yourself together? Yesterday, for many reasons and no reasons at all, I threw sort of a pity party. Population of said party: this moi. I sulked and I pouted and I fretted and I made myself sick with anxiety. It's all really useless but sometimes you just can't shake it off. Girls, I know you can relate. The 'girly blues' as one friend calls them.

This morning I woke up feeling a bit better, but not superb. Then I realized that sometimes you just have to decide to make it a great day, regardless of all the crazy stuff bouncing around in your head. So I took some deep breaths (deep breathing is actually quite helpful, who knew?) and gave myself a pep talk. I reminded myself of all the things I'm grateful for, all the reasons why feeling sorry for yourself is NOT helpful, and decided I was going to have a good day, even if I had to fake it.

Long story short - there was a bit of fooling myself this morning with the fake-good-attitude, but eventually mind took over matter and I was on my way to a good day. There are no reasons I shouldn't be happy, particularly this soon into 2010!

Goal 2 of 2010: blog more. Check.

Monday, January 4, 2010

get out of my way

New Year's resolutions are peculiar little things. We always talk about them this time of year and often make several and potential succeed at one or two. Why is it that we wait until the 'new year' to set these goals for ourselves? I mean it's really just the difference of one second in time, from December 31 11:59:59 to January 1 00:00:00. Why should that one second suddenly inspire us to strive for more?

Yet it does and I've decided to keep my goal list short. Of course I have ongoing goals that I will be striving for, but the one goal I really wanted to add to my list this year was 'learn to sail'. How can I live in Boston without learning to sail? And Community Boating, Inc offers a great one-year membership at a really reasonable price, particularly considering all that you get along with it. So hopefully there will be some good stories this spring of my sailing adventures.

But tonight I've added another goal, based on a conversation with my dear friend and work-wife Jill. Jill and I are quite a lot alike (personality-assessments confirm as such) and so obviously I like talking to her about my life issues as she understands, on a very empathetic level, my reactions to them. I would say potentially one of my bigger problems (as she helped to point out) is that I get in my own way a lot. And I really do. I am always trying to plan things, fix things, I completely over think things, and while it has been known to be helpful in certain situations, a lot of times it causes me a lot of wasted time and worry over nothing. So I am resolving to get the hell out of my own way, spend less time worrying, more time enjoying the day-to-day things, and be sure to take advantage of any and all opportunities that come my way. Oh, and maybe be more on top of my blogging!

So with that, Happy New Year, everyone!