Wednesday, September 30, 2009

miss you

I spent some time the other night looking through old videos and photos from grad school and my heart ached, literally, over how much I miss it. It's funny, because even while I was there I knew how lucky I was to be there and tried to make the most of every moment and not take any of it for granted. Of course there were many times I did take it for granted, but I think for the most part I really did appreciate my time there.

I miss sitting around a kitchen table playing Bendy Bob Taboo (it's an actual game, get your mind out of the gutter!) wtih Malin, Evi and Manuela and explaining to my non-native English friends what a 'pigeon hole' was.

I wish for more nights spending endless hours sitting on my bed with Brenda and a cup of tea talking about everything and nothing - we really thought we had it all figured out! Of course there was also the Bones/SVU/Grey's rituals we looked so forward too!

I often think of many evenings laughing with Paul over our different pronunciations of words and a particular moment when I found him hiding in our hallway water closet and it clearly made sense I should join him there for a secret conversation.

I recall fondly when I decided that I wasn't going to miss Thanksgiving dinner two years in a row and was going to make it in my flat for my friends. The idea was quite popular and before I knew it 16 people were coming... and I'd NEVER cooked a Thanksgiving dinner in my life! But (at the time vegetarian) Paul helped baste the turkey, Brenda asked her parents to send us canned pumpkin to make pumpkin pie (some things just aren't to be found in the UK) and everyone had a great time and helped out!

I miss the classes and discussions and even the late night homework pow-wows where we all tried to convince each other it was normal to spend hours on Facebook as a distraction even though we all had a huge essay due the next day. I even laugh about the fire alarm going of for the millionth time in the middle of the night, standing outside half asleep while Erin clung desperately to her laptop for fear that if the building burned down, with it would go her dissertation. Mine on the other hand was saved in so many different places I couldn't even keep track of which was the most updated version.

I miss the bus, ASDA, Wagamama, the Litten Tree and Starbucks at Borders. I miss my Swedish pear cider from The Moon in the Square and oogling the Brad Pitt lookalike at O'Neills. I remember fondly our group going to the midnight Harry Potter release and not being the least bit ashamed that we were all well into our 20s, grad students, and able and willing to jostle with any kid who got in our way of us and book 7.

I miss Bournemouth, London, England, all of it. I love Boston and everything here. But gosh, I really miss those times, those friends, those memories.

Love you guys!